Packaging and Crating 

JT Global Logistics have the capacity to pack, crate, or containerize your cargos or consignment to eligible for worldwide.

We provide the packaging and crating services for for both domestic and international shipments.

Our competent staff will Crate your order to meet your shipping needs to international required standards.

Irrespective of what you are transporting be it heavy factory materials to fragile and sensitive materials we are  imposed with the duty of care on ensuring your shipment leaves take off location to destination location in one piece. Our packaging, crating and containerization services are:

  • Containerization
  • Export packaging
  • HAZMAT packaging
  • Consolidated Freighting 

Why package your shipments?

Poor quality packaging leads to damage and deterioration.                                                                                                       Appropriate packing is vital to enclose, shield, and proffer a method of handling your goods ready for export. Every package design has the sole purpose of protecting the product from the shipper to the receiver. During shipment there are a number of hazards associated with domestic distribution and by an increased amount of handling processes there are high possibilities of breakage. This makes the need for appropriate packaging and crating almost inevitable when it comes to shipping.

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